Kingsley School

Residential Course in Bideford, North Devon

Ib-ex offers a two week duration course in July at Kingsley school , in Devon, on the Southwest of England. Devon is renown for its breathtaking landscapes and its peace and quiet.

The course is addressed to students aged 11 to 14 with an intermediate or lower intermediate level of English. The maximum number of students would be 20.
Ib-ex students will be boarders for two weeks at Kingsley school . They will attend lessons in the mornings , taking part in the leisure activities organized at Kingsley college during the evenings and at nights.

Lessons begin at 9:30 and finish at 13:00 but three times a week there will also be lessons in the afternoons, from 14.00 to 16.00. Our students will sit a written and an oral exam at the end of the course. A full report with the student´s marks will be sent home.

During their stay at Kingsley the Ib-ex students will enjoy the company of students from assorted nationalities.

Ib-ex will see to the welfare of their students during their stay at Kingsley school with the presence of a few supervisors and the organizers of the course themselves.

Our fare includes

  • Accommodation and full board at Kingsley school
  • Attendance to lessons and school material
  • Weekly excursions and leisure activities
  • Flight from Loiu airport to Bristol

Permanent presence of IB-EX representatives

Ib-ex guarantees the presence of some supervisors and the organizers of the course during the whole duration of the course.

The Ib-ex organizers will escort the students taking part in the residential course during the outward and return flights.

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